Mandible Judy

Under Dead Water- S02E12

April 29, 2022 DamianL, Inc. Season 2 Episode 12
Mandible Judy
Under Dead Water- S02E12
Show Notes

A fateful decision by Captain Pedersen sets events in motion  that lead us directly to the middle of Dead Water Lake a century later.

Amanda Walston- Amanda Goodman
Walter Stedding- Clayton Romero
Mike Karas- Chris Burke
Connor Darcy- Mike Hall
Edward Giddens- Chris Burke
Valli Molina- Stephanie Booker
Jerry Rivers- Matthew Burd
Alex Canby- Chris Burke
Biels- Matthew Robertson
Dr. Winacombe- Bonnie Bogovich
Captain Pedersen- Graham Rowat
Mr. Grieves- Ty Anderson
Thomas Unthank- David Steele
Marboury- Brandon Duke
Daniele Boukman- Emmanuel Elpenord
Sailors- Chris Burke & Clayton Romero
Shay Faroun- Erin Lillis

Music by glomag

Sound Design
by Chris Burke and Clayton Romero

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